Business Protection


High Value Logistics Security and Asset Protection

When it comes to our asset protection services, we provide ground logistic transport solutions for valuable and vulnerable cargo. Organised crime and terrorism have increased throughout Africa especially during these difficult times.

Therefore, advanced and evolving methods of protection are imperative. Arcangel Protection Services conducts a thorough threat assessment for each individual operation. We then identify and assess the various risks as well as the specific issues of concern and vulnerable points.

The team will then implement a strategic solution. This is done by optimizing the available resources and strategic landscapes to the client’s benefit. The initial situation assessment is complementary, and all work is conducted in a strictly confidential basis.

Secure Transport of Your Cargo from Point-to-Point:

Advanced Tracking Technology

We aren’t just drivers; we are highly skilled in advanced driving as well as trained to protect people. Rest assured, your journey will be convenient, secure and comfortable.

Ensuring a Security Bubble Around Your Entire Operation