Business Protection


Who Do We Protect?

Executive protection is more than just an investment associated with defending people from physical attacks. Close protection also includes more preventative tactics related to ongoing risk assessments, and when threats occur, being able to investigate those threats to their source. Solutions are creatively and uniquely designed based on your risk profile.

Executive Close Protection for a Connected World

Individual Protection

Be more productive by not having to worry about your safety.

You need your executives to focus on what they do best. When they don’t need to worry about their own security, they can focus on their work. 

Executives are not trained to be vigilant about their own online behavior, that of their families, and their combined digital footprint. 

Having security take care of this for them, executives are freed up to focus on achieving business goals.

Family Protection

Travel in comfort and convenience.

Executives travel more often, to dangerous parts in the world where security is an issue. Where law enforcement infrastructure is lacking.

This can make possible new business deals and opportunities not previously available.

Within many emerging markets, the danger of travel increases. For corporations, sending top talent without protection can open them up to incredible risks and potential financial liability if something happens while their executives are traveling.

Organizations / Groups

Corporate Recruitment.

Executive protection can make a big difference when it comes to corporate recruitment. 

If your organization expects executive employees to put themselves at risk in their job or maintain a high-profile role – offering professional protective services is a competitive advantage for recruitment. 

For companies interested in securing and keeping top talent for high profile roles, executive protection services can help to sweeten the deal and provide peace of mind for employees.

Safe and Discreet Executive and Close Protection Services

What is Executive and Close Protection?
Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security planning and risk mitigation measures taken.
Executive and Close Protection is used to protect people of high importance who may be recognized by the public.  Having close protection minimizes threats and means hostile situations can be diffused if they were to occur. 
How Do I Benefit From This?

Executive Close Protection

Executive & Close Protection consists of security and risk mitigation measures that are taken in order to ensure the safety of our VIP clientele. 

Whom of which may have a higher risk exposure due to their employment, net-worth’s, political status or associations.

Diplomatic Protection

Diplomatic Protection Officers are responsible for protecting government officials while they are in the country. 

This could involve physical presence as well as include surveillance and even a protective escort. Their duties will vary from country to country, depending on the nature of the diplomatic mission. 

Celebrity Bodyguards

Celebrity Bodyguards require a level of environmental awareness, they have to deal with unique sets of circumstances. 

A principal’s celebrity status thrusts the Celebrity Bodyguard into the spotlight. This comes with various different situations, challenging the Celebrity Bodyguard to adapt to the celebrity’s attitude and lifestyle.

Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Successful and high-profile individuals and their families are more than ever at an increased risk of an attack. 

Based off of your personal profile and environment factors, we implement unique and creative solutions. This is to ensure the safety and protection of you and your family.

Discreet & Covert Protective Escorts

The Protective Escort Unit will discreetly follow you whether you’re in your vehicle or just shopping about the mall. This unit comprises of two close protection officers and an appropriate vehicle. 

This ensures the unit can conduct counter surveillance and respond to any threats immediately.

Travel Security

This solution comprises of full travel and risk assessment depending on the nature and destinations of travel. 

A full report is drawn up to mitigate risks of dangerous locations and travel routes. This holistic approach ensures the highest level of safety for the principal.

Risk Assessments

A full assessment is conducted depending on your environment, lifestyle, employment, net worth and your physical and digital appearance.

Protective Intelligence

Protective intelligence involves gathering, analyzing, and acting on information that may be used to identify an imminent threat.

Medical & Security Crisis Emergency

A crisis may strike at any given time and place, whether it be medical, or safety related. That’s why we have teams in place specifically for this situation.

Close Protection Consulting

Advisory service to assist in building an internal close protection team. 

Assessing a current team or providing assistance on close protection policy, procedures and performance management.