The Evolution of Executive Protection: A Look into the History and Future of VIP Security Services

 Introduction Executive protection, also known as close protection or VIP security services, has a long and storied history dating back centuries. The need for safeguarding high-profile individuals, whether they are political figures, celebrities, or business executives, has consistently grown over time as a response to the evolving threat landscape.  This article will explore the development of executive protection and VIP security services over time, highlighting key events, advancements in technology,

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Active Shooter Response and Tips

What to do during an Active Shooter incident Active shooter incidents have unfortunately become all too common in modern society. These situations can be extremely dangerous and stressful, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances of survival. In this blog, we’ll discuss some active shooter response tips that could help you stay safe if you find yourself in such a situation. In summary, an active shooter situation

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What is Executive Protection?

Close Protection or Executive Protection includes various types of security measures applied for the protection and security of individuals at a higher risk of harm. Executive protection focuses solely on the security of people who are made vulnerable because of their social status, net worth, personal or professional associations, and geographical location. Who Will Need Executive Protection? This is a simple question to answer. Not only actors or celebrities from

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The Security Advance

What is an Advance? It is a security survey of all parts of an itinerary to include hotels, restaurants, vehicles, other transport, hospitals, doctors, & routes of travel. The Advance is done by Executive / Close Protection Officers (CPO) prior to the arrival of the protective detail at each city or country that the protectee visits. Advances are the most important aspect of Executive / Close Protection. The Advance is

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How can you reduce your risk of being kidnapped?

“Quickly kids, into the car or you’ll be late for school”, said a frustrated mother as her kids dragged their feet into the car. A loving mother waved goodbye as the family driver drove away into the morning traffic. She would never have believed that she would only see her kids 3 weeks later. Her kids never arrived at school that day. They were kidnapped during their routine commute to

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